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I learned on Instagram that people get butt hurt if I make a joke about the iphone6 looking like the galaxy note.

There are people committing suicide in china that work to supply apple products. Let’s talk about that you spoiled fucking idiots!

Why do you people have to make everything about race???

  • Long answer:

    White Europeans decided to colonize the rest of the world. They enslaved, massacred, segregated, displaced, tortured, disenfranchised, and raped other racial groups. They stole land, resources, and art. They put other races in zoos and death camps. They destroyed written and pictorial history. They suppressed the religions of other races. They dehumanized us. They refused to teach the history of these atrocities in their schools. They refused to acknowledge the achievements of other races. They used the theory of their racial superiority as their excuse. All social institutions reflect this history. All affected racial groups are still feeling the aftereffects of this. So it tends to come up a lot.

  • Short answer:

    Please shut up.

I think I would be a good parent.

Me: hey! Get those dishes done now mister!

Son: but… I’m in the middle of a game and I can’t save unless I get to a save point!!

Me: really?? What are you playing? *sits down next to son*

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